Known issues & To-dos


If you are having some issues with the player first check the new FAQs, you’ll find a lot of useful help there.

  • Check if there is an issue with youtube image previews, it appears that the plug-in is adding www in the image URL.
  • The attribute for video in the tag is “FLV” That’s right, in the beginning the player was not supposed to do all the things that it’s doing right now, don’t worry, the “FLV” attribute in the tag it’s ok for video URLs, MP4 files, YouTube URLs etc.
  • The “Tooltip” that appears in the timeline previous version 1.0.0 is missingAnd it will be for some time because I decided to stop coding my own player and use JW Player because has a lot of features already implemented, I’ll code some plug-in to the JW Player in order to have the same functionality, when, I don’t know.
  • This player use to be FLOSS and now uses JW Player. If I receive good donation requesting me to code the player again, I will code a SWF Player with GPL, BSD or Apache license.

To do’s:

  • A file browser for the tag generator that can read into the “uploads” folder to make the process a lot easier.
  • Automatic image thumbnail for YouTube videos.
  • JW Player: RTMP streams are not working, fix it. They are actually working if are standard FLV or MP4
  • Make the video loop. Done
  • Add the “ad code” into de default settings page. Done!
  • Add the “Stretching” option into the player. Done!
  • Use a non-standard upload directory by using get_option(“upload_url_path or and get_option(“upload_path Done!
  • Check the domain comparison in the “warning” message. Fixed.
  • Check the WWW comparison on the plug-in for YouTube Images.
  • JW Player: prevent the buffer flush so users can re-play the video without reloading it. (JW Player developers issue)
  • Use the current post URL instead of the “short” url in the share button. Pending option.
  • A field in the tag generator for custom Flash Vars and another for custom external or internal JW Player plug-ins. Now you can use a custom config.xml file to do so.
  • A playlist field or auto-recognition of playlist in the file field. Done!
  • LightBox. Not in the roadmap.
  • WordPress Mu compatibility. Donde and to be released in version 1.2.0
  • Custom ID for JavaScript interactivity. Not in the roadmap, donation needed!
  • Posible integration with JWPlayerOASIntroduction License your player and use the JW advertisement options.
  • A video view’s counter What you think about this? Use the Google Analitics Plugin already included.
  • A way to prevent domain errors with the use (or not use) of “WWW” on URLs.
  • Server side encoding will be on another plug-in and it’s on development right now. Not in the roadmap.

If you want to contribute you can help with translations, clean up the code or send a donation any time 😀

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