Stream Video Player

Download here:

Stream Video Player for WordPress is by far the best and most complete video-audio player plug-in for WordPress, Easy to use with a tag generator in the editor, support for viewing on the iPhone and iPod touch, support for YouTube and Pseudo-Streaming so you can randomly seek any place of your videos without having to load the entire video before.

The main features are:

  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, WPTouch, MobilePress, YouTube and feeds compatible.
  • 100% Responsive and Retina Ready!
  • Embed code generator for any video.
  • Captions (subtitles) capable.
  • XML Playlist.
  • Social sharing and video URL sharing.
  • Random access to any position on the video thanks to the pseudo streaming technique
  • Skins capable thanks to JW Media Player it can load SWF and XML-PNG custom skins.
  • Based on a very fine tuned custom build (fork) of the JW Media Player Version 5.3.
  • Only open source software needed for video encoding.
  • JW Media Player plug-ins supported.
  • 100% Standard XHTML code.

For information on how to encode video and use the plug-in click here.
For information on the free software needed to encode video click here.
Need more help, check the FAQ.


512kbps Video on SD 1024kbps (2Mbps) on HD Video:

[stream base=x:/ flv=SD-HQ-512kbps.flv img=preview.jpg hd=HD-2Mbps.flv mp4=iPhone-512kbps.mp4 ogv=iPhone-512kbps.ogv captions=captions.xml embed=true share=true width=620 height=349 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=med autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

YouTube Video.

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// embed=true share=true width=620 height=349 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false img=x:/ /]

If you like this plugin, please donate to support development and maintenance! Donate $10, $20 or $50!


207 thoughts on “Stream Video Player

  1. Thanks for this amazing plugin.
    I have one small problem though after I click play on the video I’m tuning a test on the load bar would let me play say if the video is 5 mins but I wanna start playing at 2:30mins (skip ahead) it won’t let me, it simply goes back to play from start!!! Any idea why is this happening?!

    You can check out the video I’m testing your plugin at
    scroll to the very bottom the video is “turn it up” so you can see what I’m talking about.

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  3. If it’s not diffucult for You, please publish list of people, who translate Your plugin with links to this sites.


  4. Hi, how would i go about setting up a counter to count the number of streams using your awesome plug-in?

  5. Great plugin men, the best one that i have found so far, very simple to implement, and very intuitive to embbed.

    Now, it is possible to use youtube links, and it is possible to use (or others) links (streams)?

    Hello, if you do not have Portuguese (Portubal) translation, i will do it for you.

    1. you can add a transparent png over the video with a higher z-index. Like this:

      {YOUR VIDEO}

      then in your CSS
      .video{position:relative; width: 360px;
      height:240px; z-index:1;}
      .logo{position:absolute; right:10px; bottom:10px; width: 100px; height:50px; z-index:10;}

      1. ah, el código html no sale, mala suerte. Igual es un div con class “video” y una imagen con class “logo”, y después el css

  6. Is there anyway to add a “download” link to the tool? I’m using this as a review tool for clients and as part of that i give them the ability to download the video (these are all hosted directly on my site). Right now i’m just including a link under the video bit it would be nice if there was the ability to click Download from the video itself (like the embed works). Something like that possible?
    Cheers and thanks a TON for the plugin. its outstanding!

  7. Hello once again.

    I have several video files, and they could be in any format (flv, mp4, ogg, etc).

    Is it possible to ask the player to play all of the files that are in a specific folder continuosly?

    I whant to put the in one folder, naming each file with a number like:

    I whant to make a tv like player.

    I know that ir can be done with playlists, but i do not know how to do it. Do yo have any tutorial?

    I have seen this in JW Player forum:


  8. Congratulations Rodrigo, this is one of the best plugins for WordPress I’ve ever seen. I’m implementing it on a soon to launch Cambodian news site and it works perfect. I consider this a big step towards WordPress being the ultimate CMS, especially when it comes to multimedia.

    I’d like to suggest some options to improve it:
    – easier management (not because it’s difficult, I mean to avoid entering all that data)
    – ability to detect videos in a given folder (ie: wp-content/videos) and add them with a click
    – ability to take a screencap (since you use FFMPEG this should be quite easy)
    – ability to build playlists or libraries, in example, all videos found at wp-content/videos/my_vids could be a library and so on

    I really wouldn’t mind to pay for a plugin with those features, and as a matter of fact, I was looking for a “donate” button but couldn’t find any, you really should have it, although most people won’t recognize your hard work there are others who knows what it takes and appreciate the effort you put in developing this.

    Either way, a great plugin, saludos desde Argentina!

  9. thank you for all your work Rodrigo.
    Do you have any suggestions as how to convert my videos? Maybe you have some presents or a tutorial that I could follow?
    The process that I have now seems very long.

    What I need to accomplish is:

    I record video with my HD camcorder.. I edit the video is Sony Vegas 9. How should I render the video? then how can I convert the video for sd and hd versions.

    If you could help I would greatly appreciate it.


  10. Should read: “Seams to be doubling the controls on the videos when THEY END.”

    And thanks for the plug in! Other than those 2 small issues, it works great!

  11. Nice job, your description is right, it’s far by the best plugin for wordpress, concerning the streaming video domain.

    I’ll probably donate some $ later.

  12. Hello. Thanks so much for this great plugin, I looked like such an eternity, this satisfies what I needed. It is simple and user-friendly and creatively done. Nice greetings from Czech Republic. Sorry, but I do not know English, so I used google translator. Have a nice day and thanks.

    1. The plug-in hast already a Italian translation, just enable your Italian language in your wordpress and the plug-in automatically will be presented in Italian.

  13. great plugin! Is there a way to change player Vars: Streching(fit, fill etc..?

  14. Hey Rodrigo!

    I’m currently using your plugin, but the video will only start playing after it’s completely loaded, and since it’s a nine minute video, there’s no way people will wait until that. LOL

    My code without the “[]”:

    stream provider=video flv= embed=false share=false width=450 height=253 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /

    After around six minutes loading it starts playing just fine.

    You think you could help me? I’d like to people to watch while it’s loading, just like you doing here with your examples.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  15. Is there a non-Wordpress implementation of this code I can use? Or is there another purely CSS/HTML player that does the same thing as this one?

  16. Hi – Thanks for the excellent plugin, I love it. Is there a way to make the player default to “Stretching is fill”? For some reason, my videos appear distorted unless I use that option on the player. Most viewers will not know to do that, so I want it to load automatically with that setting.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  17. Rodrigo mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por tu desarrollo :)… Cuento con un problema para ver los thumb de los vídeos… y la documentación en ingles me cuesta un poco, si la tuvieses es enpañol te estaría muy agradecido. Un abrazo y muchos éxitos.

  18. Hello,

    I am getting an error message when i try to add a new stream video:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare selfhost() (previously declared in /home/petru/public_html/ in /home/petru/public_html/ on line 8

    What should I do?

    It worked ok in the past.

  19. Hello Rodrigo,

    Great plugin! We have a little problem though.

    Our video is buffered from another domain. If the blue bar is fully filled (SD video completely buffered) you can’t switch to HD anymore. While buffering you can switch to HD and it works. But after buffering the switch doesn’t function anymore. Plugin uses “provider=video”. Any thoughts? Greetings, Piet

  20. Hello and thank you for this great plugin

    I have a concern, all the videos do not start directly but it must wait loading …
    Is this normal? t there a solution?

    Thank you

      1. Hello and thank you for your answer. I do not quite understand, you mean he should use your advice with ffmpeg? I use for encoding, software Wondershare Video Converter for mac pro, and my setup is:
        Then j’upload videos on my server.

        Another problem arises, some videos on my iphone does not appear (there is a photo with the play through it) instead of the video.

        Thank you for your help, I really want to use your plugin (I’m currently with wordTube) But is is better.
        Thank you
        and sorry for the ‘google translation’

  21. Hi Rodrigo,

    We have used your plugin on a client site previously and it worked flawlessly. This time; however, I am having difficulties with the HD mode.

    When I start a video in SD and click to switch to HD it will not switch. When I load/start the video in HD (by clicking HD before playing the video) HD loads perfectly, but then I am unable to switch back to SD.

    I used the FFmpeg commands you provided exactly to ensure there are no differences between our files. I am at a loss on how to resolve this. I can provide you with access to the development site directly if you think you are able to help.


      1. It is definitely not an encoding issue since the HD video will play if HD is turned on before anything else. Also, using Firebug I can see that the proper video is loaded using the workflow I described above. Once the video plays however, when I click “HD” there is no call to the server to load the other format. I can’t seem to find any resources or topics in forums that could help me out. Do you have any other ideas?


  22. Rodrigo,
    great plugin. i am extremly happy with it!

    i would like to HIDE the icons (HD/SHARE/CAPTIONS) when the player is not rolled over. my blog has a grid of many videos/players, and it looks unnatractive/unneccessary with so many icons.
    would it be possible/where can i edit the flashvars in the plugin editor, to hide icons? or is it possible in shortcode?

    thanks again!

  23. hi,

    great plugin!!

    could you help a bit…is it possible to show live streaming videos from other www using your plugin (using embed code, or url, or…)?

    thank you!

  24. Hello

    I love your player but sins the update of wordpress 3.0 the plugin don’t create automatic a youtube img link. I don’t know is this maybe a big. I don’t get a error or something. I use Google Chrome.


  25. Thanks for a great plugin!

    There is a bug in the code handling normalizing “www” – this results in Amazon S3 files failing if you are calling from a “www domain”.

    Line 44:
    if($s_nw != $s_nw){

    should of course be:
    if($s_nw != $v_nw){

  26. Thank you for a super plugin!
    Is there a way to detach the video so it can play in another screen?
    thank you!

  27. Rodrigo, gracias por los detalles con respecto al plugin “Stream Video Player”, tengo una pregunta, posiblemente no tenga que ver con el plugin, la pregunta es:

    Tengo varios videos (aprox 20 de 1 hora de duracion cada uno), tengo wordpress y deseo saber si es posible generar una pagina con los links a todos los videos, de tal manera que cuando el usuario le de clic al primer link(video), que el sitio genere automaticamente una pagina nueva del mismo sitio para empezar a proyectar el video.

    O habria que crear una pagina para cada video y luego crear una pagina con el indice hacia todos los videos?

    Gracias de antemano.

    1. La segunda opción es la respuesta, el JW Player tiene opción a Playlists pero aún no he trabajado esa parte, será en la próxima versión que espero liberar en esta semana.

  28. Hello

    I use your player because I love your player. But when will be come the support for youtube hd movies?


    P.s. If I add a youtube movie the generator don’t add automatic a img link.

    1. In the next release of the player I’ll change the use of the JW Player for the SWF of the YouTube site so users can have all the features YouTube offer.

  29. Great plug-in but have a small problem. I created my site using an IP address before switching over the domain from the old site to the new site. Now when I click the SHARE button for a video, it uses the IP address for the URL instead of the domain name. How can I get it to use the domain name instead in the share link?

      1. Hi Rodrigo. I finally got around to trying your suggestion but I could not find any occurrences of the IP address in the MYSQL database. I have carefully examined the pages in the WP html editor to make sure I have the correct URL’s without the IP address too. I can’t find any occurrences of the IP address in the URL anywhere except for the share link from your player. You can see the videos at to see for yourself. Meanwhile, my client has said the video playback is choppy and I believe that is because of the host. I’m going to be uploading one of her videos to Amazon S3 and I expect that will take care of the problem – it might also make the IP address in the URL go away once I move all of the videos. Until then, if you have any other ideas of what I can do to get rid of the IP address in the share URL, I would appreciate hearing it.

          1. Thanks, I’ll check it out. Meanwhile, I have been unable to get a video to play using Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. First I tried S3 (http streaming) and then I tried a Cloudfront streaming distribution (rtmp). With S3, I get a video not found message and with cloudfront, I just get a spinner and the video never starts. I upgraded to v1.21 and tried many different combination’s. My preference would be to get this working with cloudfront. Do you have any suggestions of how I can get this to work?

          2. Hi, the plug-in provides pseudo-streaming for local videos that use the streamer.php file, to obtain pseudo-streaming outside your server you need to 1-have a pseudo-streaming server or script running on the other server 2-add the crossdomain.xml to your website root folder and enable that domain to load from other domain, check the FAQ.

            If you don’t want to enable the pseudo streaming, just change the provider to “video” in the tag generator options.

          3. First, the problem with the share link. I found that when I deleted a post with a video that showed the IP address in the share link and then recreated that post, the share link no longer contained the IP address and instead included the domain as expected. Problem solved!

            I am still unable to get the video playing with pseudo-streaming & Amazon S3. I have reviewed your FAQ numerous times for clues and have tried many different things – perhaps I overlooked something. It does play without the pseudo streaming with the provider set to video but we want the streaming. I was able to get it to stream using Amazon Cloudfront so I guess we will just stick with that. Was just hoping to see if I could pseudo-stream from S3 to avoid the additional charges for using Amazon Cloudfront.

            Thanks for your help and thanks for the great plugin.

  30. This is the best wordpress video plugin I could find. Too bad it doesn’t come with playlist compatibility, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought twice about using this.

  31. Outstanding plugin! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I enabled the URL Share for the video and noticed a few things. The Myspace share link no longer works. Also, the Twitter share link inserts “null” in the twitter post. Is there an update for this? Thanks.

  32. videos always play with no picture, only sound on iPhone/iPad!!! I am on the latest version of iOS, Firefox, WordPress and Stream… what would be the problem?

    Same video plays perfectly when synced over iTunes (copied into iPod) – but don’t play on!

  33. Hello Rodrigo here i am again.

    I have been using your player, and i ca say that it is the best player i have found.

    But… ther is allways a but lol

    It does not support pre, mid or post roll ads.

    This is a feature that i was looking for, and i have found this player:

    It supports pre and mid rool ads, but, only has 4:3 ratio does not support 16:9 ratio as your player, and only plays flv and f4v files.

    Men i bought this player for $12 bucks and i am stuck with it.

    Is there and possibility to have some help here?

    Can you provide me tha fla of your player and i will get some fried to add pre and mid roll ads feature to your layer?

    Thanks Rod.

    1. Sorry for the delay, I’m using JW Player, and the kind of adds the plug-in support are the same they support, I’ll upgrade the SWF Player to a newer version soon.

    1. I think that the people that can add this functionality are the one that develop the Google XML SiteMap, I don’t have priority for that specific functionality.

  34. please can you tell me how to do this
    my file is in the file manager fodler (blue host)

    so what do i have to do next to post my video on my website?
    thank you!

  35. mi archivo de video lo engo en el file manager de bluehost

    necesito ponerlo en mi website

    tengo wordpress

    les agradeceria si mu pueden decir lo que tengo que hacer para poner el video en mi sitio- muchas gracias! abel

  36. I’m having a strange issue with videos on a site. When the video loads there is a momentary flicker where the video loads at an odd size then snaps to the size I set.

    I have tested with the rabbit video provided and that video doesn’t flicker. I have also created my own movies simply using iMovie and they don’t flicker.

    I’m beginning to think that the problem lies in the source video; however, I thought there may be someone who has come accross this problem before and/or has some insight.

    I’ve inspected all the video files in question and tested with various frame rates. There doesn’t seem to be any single difference that could account for it. All videos I’m using are 1280×720 mp4.

    Video that flickers: (click the play button near the top)

    Video that doesn’t flickr:

    Thanks for any and all help

    1. Hi, this issue has to do first with the correct encoding and second with the aspect ratio, I recommend to use metadata injected FLV files just as youtube does, and second to encode the files using the right bitrate, most users have a max bandwidth of 512Kbps so set your video to 416kbs and your audio to 64kbps and this can avoid the flicker.

      The main reason of the flicker is because the player has to load a significant amount of video to realize the correct aspect ratio, if you use a metadata injected FLV this is almost invisible, also check that you are not using any aspect ratio trick on your encoding.

  37. You you should edit the webpage name title – Stream Player – English to more catching for your subject you create. I enjoyed the post yet.

      1. This is not the test, i am running the site based on your player:
        I have tried a lot of wp templates, different settings for the player and so on, but sometimes it still cuts the end. Files are not local, all videos are taken from youtube. I have this problem on opera, chrome and firefox, haven’t tried more browsers. You can try this video, it is short enough to see the problem quickly

    1. I figured out that player.swf does not allow to put some other location for thumbnail picture as youtube. If I use player.swf from, the flashvars=”image=http://… ” works flawlessly. So could you reconfigure your player.swf to support other locations for images than youtube?

  38. This plugin is very simple to use and looks great, thanks a lot!!
    there’s a way to show and use a playlist?
    it would be perfect

  39. Hello.
    Very good plugin.
    Thanks, I will not repeat same things since many people already told how good this plug in is.
    I only have questions. You said that play list will be supported in next release. When the next release will happen?

  40. Estimado Rodrigo:
    Soy muy nuevo en estas cosas de los blogs y he leido y leido hata que he encontrado tu plugin pero me surgen algunas dudas al no hablar muy bien el ingles:
    1. Tu plugin reproduce tambien audio?
    2. Hay instrucciones y caracteristicas del plugin en español?
    3. Si por ejemplo se esta reproduciendo un audio en un blo o post y se abre por ejemplo un video se superponen las reproducciones o la nueva anula la anterior?
    Gracias y saludos

    1. Perdón la demora para contestarte, toda la información del plug-in está en el idioma universal, osea, inglés, pero con Google Translator podes pasarlo a español.

      El plug-in ya instalado cuenta con varias traducciones y dependiendo de si tienes tu wordpress en español el plug-in cambiará automáticamente.

      Como es Flash, el plug-in reproduce los formatos que Flash reproduce, idealmente archivos MP4 o FVL conteniendo vídeo H.264 y audio AAC.

      En fuincionalidad optima es exactamente lo mismo que un embed video de youtube.

  41. Hello, great plugin thanks. My client has asked if I can hide the big play button in the middle of the screen so the photo doesn’t have this on top. How can I do this please?

    1. Before playing, you can’t, but you can use any other skin or download another skin from JW Player site and place it on the skin subfolder on the plug-in folder.

    1. Nop, but I don’t recommend using Vimeo either, doesn’t support pseudo-stremaing, is slow, not too much CDNs, and the quality vs. bitrate is very bad handled.

        1. Hi, sorry, I don’t understand your question, I personally don’t like Vimeo because in comparison to YouTube it doesn’t have pseudo-streaming so I have to wait to the entire clip to load, they use a bad video encoder that deliver a inferior quality in comparison to YouTube, the videos they deliver are bigger than YouTube, etc. etc. etc. The only great thing is that they have different limits than YouTube, but the final product isn’t a great deal.

          1. What I asked was, to go into more detail, if Vimeo is bad as a video hosting solution what would you advise?

            I have uploaded a crticial 3D animation both on Vimeo and YouTube and the default quality on Vimeo is much better (or at least seems to be – which is all clients want ) for me.

            Other than YouTube is there anything else that is worthy of a mention?

          2. Well, I did a study on the quality of Vimeo vs. YouTube a year ago (which means light years on the internet) and the results make YouTube a winner, I didn’t repeat the test right now, just one, the pseudo streaming, the availability to seek randomly any unloaded part of the video, I love Vimeo user interface, but it’s very clear that the de facto standard on online video is YouTube, even the iPhone has a special app for it, so, for short videos and to get a greater audience, YouTube it’s just right, if you want to reach only a special segment and have long videos, Vimeo it’s great, I personally have some issues with the policy that use Vimeo, they don’t allow you to upload video from video games, so, YouTube, time limitation, Vimeo, content limitation, my final solution was to encode my own videos and use my own player on my own site, that’s the very reason which motivate me to develop the stream-video-player, I can decide which quality I want to deliver considering the audience, I can add hours of video, my video can be loaded randomly because supports pseudo streaming, etc.

            My study on Vimeo vs. YouTube in spanish:

            BTW I have added a really really simply way to encode video:

          3. Well, Vimeo it’s just ok, YouTube it’s great but has time limit, alternatives, well, depends on what are you trying to build and your budget, there are professional video hosting providers and special video delivery networks that have CDN networks to reach any region faster.

  42. I had so many problems with other plugins before but I’m kicking myself for not spotting this one earlier. Thanks for the amazing work, but I do also wish it does support Vimeo somewhere in your todo list. Not that I understand any of the video technicalities but there are some amazing videos there that I would like to put up on some of my sites sometimes.

    Well, vimeo embeds are just as pretty though, no complains. Thanks for this once again. 🙂

    1. Vimeo doesn’t have an API for embeding and loading video as YouTube, I guess that if some player can load Vimeo videos is because they are using some hack, another drawback on Vimeo is the lack of pseudo-streaming (the technology that enable you to seek randomly on the player without waiting to load the entire clip), Yesterday I release the latest version of the plug-in with a lot’s of new features, I also updated the plug-ins page and FFmpeg installers in order to make it really really easy to use.

  43. It is not working if you use a SSL certificate on your website.
    If i try to play a video on my website without SSL it works just fine.

    If i change the wordpress settings for my domain to it will generate an error: ERROR #2035

    Can you please help?


      1. I forget to state my gratitude for the excellent plugin you have developed: Thanks!

        It is the second best plugin I have ever seen.

        In any case, I updated right now and just as you said it worked.

  44. My friend i got a simple question!

    First off THANKS for this amazing plugin you created…this is simple! luv it!

    I was wondering could you please tell me how i can change the blank link to your site to my site whenever i click on the logo?

    here is a video thats on my site:

    if you click on the logo it goes to your site. Is it possible if you could tell me how i could change your link to my website url?

    If you want to have link credit i’ll create a widget just for you telling everyone where i got this amazing plugin from!

    Hope you reply soon!


      1. Woah You Would!! THAAAAAAAAAAANKS

        Btw i don’t want to bother you, but 🙁 i don’t know why but the embed doesnt work i gues? when i try use my embed code on other sites it won’t work?

        Here’s an embed code from one of my videos:

        you could try to make a draft post and see if you can see the video on your site!?


  45. How would I configure xmoovStream (for streaming)?
    When I enter the URL for the xmoovStream in the steam video player interface the video will not play. I just wonder what the syntax is for “streamer”

  46. i still cand make it to work
    after install i just get the code, not the video player, where i want the video to show

  47. Vimeo would be great. I know there a some problems but can you do a vimeo update? would be awesome!!

  48. I’ve been using the player on several sites since I found it. Really fabulous effort. I am really hoping you can change one thing, or perhaps I can(?) When displaying a gallery of videos, I wish the play rollover arrow could be made less harsh/obtrusive. Same thing for the HD icon. The best way I’ve seen to put the HD in would be in the player bar if possible…the next best thing would be to make it smaller and less opaque.

    Otherwise I love this player for self hosted video. BTW, my recommndation for others is to rip fla files for SD and HD in adobe/flash encoder (very easy and automated, then run the mp4, as someone else suggested, in mediacoder (only works on a PC or virtual PC). Thanks for any insight into modifying the player skin.

  49. Rodrigo, your plugin is pure gold when it comes to embed videos to WordPress.

    We all thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    PS: Any news about the SSL issue?

  50. don’t want to bother you mister
    but isn’t it a great idea to put HD button for youtube videos as wel? if possible?

    for example if i add the youtube url in the video player and publish it, it automaticly checks if there is HD file for the youtube video so people could also watch HD for youtube?

    and btw EMBED won’t work?? i tried your video embed codes but won’t work hmm??

        1. Oh i see! btw that icon link changer is that going to be added on the new version 😀

          im going to contact the guys at JW player and aks them they should do this 😀

          1. The logo url and the captions/subtitles color will be added, but notice that in order to change the logo you’ll need to buy a license from JW Player

  51. Hi, I have been using this plug in with no problems before but after having to move server I am trying again and none of the videos will work.

    I have tested the streamer.php file as the instructions suggest but instead of getting a blank page as the instuctions warn my browser returns a standard 404 error.

    The streamer file is there and I’ve moved the crossdomain file over. As a result every video I try is returning a Video Not Found error.

    I am adding the video link to the iPhone box and the Video box but the code seems to be looking for an flv, I am only trying to link to an mp4 file. But if I don’t add the file to the Video box aswell the player doesn’t load.

    Any help

    1. Hi, WordPress stores every configuration on MySQL database, you have to change each URL of video to the new server URL, BUT there is a catch with this plug-in, because RSS gives away the URL of the video if the URL is saved as it is on MySQL the plug-in changes the “http://” to “x:/”, you can do a quick “find and replace” inside MySQL, check this link:

      so if your domain was “” and your new domain is “” just find “x:/” and replace it with “x:/”

  52. Hi,

    Got a little problem @ my site with this plugin. The plugin works perfect when i view the videos in chrome i can see the video players but if i use firefox i can’t see the videos in my site!?

    Link to my site:

    If i view the videos on your site with firefox they work but not on my site? What’s wrong? Chrome works and i’ve even re-installed it 3 times. I could only manage to let it work this one time when i re-installed i kept the standard settings and i could see but the standard settings arn’t great for my site.

    Thanks in advance


    1. Weird issue, have you tried other firefox installation in other PC? try disabling other plug-ins, the embed code it’s the same on every browser except for mobile devices.

  53. Did you implemented the stretch feature ? I can’t find it…

    My images doesn’t fit to the whole video window. I tried to set stretching=fit, but nothing happens.

  54. Is there a parameter to change in the code so that the HD version loads by default rather than the SD?

  55. I am new to using videos on a website I am building. I think WordPress is the tops, and I am still learning how things work. When I stream videos from my wordpress site, is the entire video downloaded to the viewer’s pc? Is this what happens with youtube?

    If i use this plugin, does it eventually download the video to the viewer’s pc, say when they are done watching?

    Please forgive my ignorance. Any response would be appreciated and any recommendations for how I can learn more would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks, jeff

    1. If something is being watched on your PC is has been downloaded to your PC, when you watch a youtube video the video is downloaded to the temporal internet files or the web browser cache, the only way to NOT store an audio or video online is to use real streaming like RTMP, but there are already some hacking utilities to download RTMP streams.

  56. Hello Rodrigo, i am having some issues with your player.

    It has been working great, a month ago, it stop working as you can see here in my screencast:

    I have already tested without any pluging, but the issue persists, i do not know how to fix it. Maybe the problem is coming from wordpress it self.

    1. I think that your wordpress could be compromised, because the iframe of the tag generator should load the “config.php” file inside the plug-in

  57. My client has several sites with large audio and video files. This plugin is the best I have found to work with all the files. However, a few of the mp3 files cut off the last 3 seconds of the audio. Not all though.

    Is this a bug or is there a setting I should change.

    Please help, I want to continue using this plugin.

    Thank you in advance

  58. Thanks. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. The ’embed’ code that you get from Youtube is usually pretty cool, but the only problem with that is if the visitor clicks on the video twice by mistake it then opens up the youtube page in a new window which could cause them to leave your site (which is what you obviously don’t want).
    Will definitely be downloading this one for my site.

  59. It works nice but I have to manually add the info. When I press media library it says You need to upload something in to your media library. but there are files there. I use it on another site with the same version of wp and it works.

  60. Hello, i am facing the problrm with strem video payer..

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfHost()

    Plz help…


  61. Hello, I’m using wordpress 3.05 and IE9 with flashplayer version 10.02 – Below my Pseudo Streaming videos in my WP Pages I get a yellow box with the message: “You need to install or upgrade Flash Player to view this content, install or upgrade by clicking here.”
    All versions are the latest updates – Only if I change IE9 to compatibility mode, the messages turn off …
    Where can I fix this? Thanks!!!

  62. I am using this plugin on a site running WP3.0.5 and when you click on the dragbar icon to move ahead in the video, it returns you to the beginning of the video so people are essentially unable to fast forward. How can I fix this?

  63. Hello Rodrigo,
    thanxs for the plugin!!! maybe i found the solution for the PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) problem:

    1) download plugin Stream Video Player
    2) extract .zip
    3) create a new .zip with the folder before extract
    4) install with new archive
    5) done!

    is probably a problem caused from the archive corrupt

    sorry for bad eng.

  64. the problem PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) disappears but another message appears: the plugin file does not have a valid header.

    I solved it uploading the folder stream-video-player with FTP client to /wp-conntent/plugins

  65. Hi

    I’ve just upgraded my wordpress to 3.1 and have tried to add your plug in and am getting this error message:
    Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure

  66. Hello Rodrigo,

    I read all these great reviews but unfortunately I cannot use this plug in. When I am at my post page and I press the Stream Video Icon I get this message..

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfhost() in /home/danc6688/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/stream-video-player/config.php on line 38

    any ideas? Thank you in advance

  67. All sites with Stream Video Player as a plugin to WordPress have simultaneously ceased to be able to find existing flv VIDEO file. Still have the .jpg displayed. I have 4 websites using this player and all 4 went bad at the same time. They were working great and then they weren’t. Does this program call external sites/programs that can change? I have completely deleted one website and re-installed it to no avail.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I could say I did “nothing” or “slept” but that would not take into account things like adding a Widget to ONE (and only one) of the sites in the DAYS before it happened. In other words, I began experimenting with monetization. I added a Hostgator affiliate referral embed, and a Tiger Direct via Linkshare Widget. I imported a plugin called “LinkShare Dealfeed” to implement that, but when I deleted the entire (addon) website and re-downloaded WordPress and re-imported ONLY Stream Video, nothing got better. I found your article on “Video Not Found error, How to fix it?” and I am wondering if Mod Security has been meddled with – but that strikes me as tinged with paranoia.(?) In reference to YouTube, all of my videos are in WP-content/uploads/etc. I don’t use YouTube in these. A long time ago, I installed crossdomain.xml – causing the pink error box to disappear.

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